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Varicocele is a common condition, affecting up to 20% of men in the United States. In most cases, symptoms are mild and treatment is unnecessary. However, varicocele is a common cause of male infertility. At Northwest Arkansas Urology Associates, with offices in Springdale, Rogers, Siloam Springs, and Eureka Springs, Arkansas, the urology experts specialize in diagnosing and treating varicocele. To find out more about the condition, call the office nearest you or schedule a consultation online today.

Varicocele Q & A

What is varicocele?

Varicocele is an enlargement of the scrotal veins. These veins are known as the pampiniform plexus and help remove blood from the testicles. 

Similar to varicose veins, swelling of the veins in the scrotum occurs because of damage to the walls or valves in the veins. The valves in your veins open and close, helping push blood back to your heart for reoxygenation. 

Damage to these valves, or the walls of the veins, affects the flow of blood, allowing blood to flow backward and pool. Pooling of the blood causes the veins to enlarge, leading to varicocele. 

What are the symptoms of varicocele?

You can have varicocele and not know it because the veins may not cause symptoms, or you may dismiss the symptoms as something else. With varicocele you may experience:

  • A dull ache in your scrotum
  • Testicular pain that worsens after spending a long time on your feet
  • Swelling of your scrotum
  • Small lump above your testicle

Varicocele may also cause infertility. When blood pools in your scrotum, it warms the testicles, which may affect the health of your sperm.

How is varicocele diagnosed?

The Northwest Arkansas Urology Associates experts specialize in male health and infertility and conduct a thorough examination to find the cause of your symptoms. They can diagnose varicocele after a history and physical exam of your scrotum.

The team may also do an ultrasound test to evaluate your scrotal veins and confirm your diagnosis.

How is varicocele treated?

The team at Northwest Arkansas Urology Associates customizes treatment for varicocele based on the severity of your symptoms. 

If you have only mild symptoms, or none at all, the team may not recommend any treatment. However, they may schedule regular follow-up visits to monitor the vein swelling.

If your varicocele causes pain or infertility, the team may talk to you about surgery to block the flow of blood through the scrotal veins. The surgical experts use the most advanced tools and techniques when treating varicocele, so you get the best outcomes. 

To find out more about varicocele and your treatment options, call Northwest Arkansas Urology Associates, or schedule a consultation online today.